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Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson’s early work was vocal progressive-rock, but his sound evolved to focus more on jazz, new age, contemporary instrumental, contemplative-spiritual and Celtic styles. “I started writing songs in 1976 when I was just a teenager. I was influenced and intrigued by great literature, poetry and art.” Johnson’s solo projects include Broken, Gazing, Journey Prayers, Standing Still, The Memory Tree, A Thin Silence and Lauds. Johnson has collaborated over the years with Wendy Goodwin, Janet Marie Chvatal, David Friesen, Dave Hagelganz, Mark Schulman, Derri Daugherty, Sandy Simpson, the Coram Deo Ensemble, John Fitzpatrick, Jozef Luptak, Dallas McKennon and poets, Malcolm Guite and Scott Cairns. Johnson also creates music for and leads Selah contemplative worship services.

One of Johnson’s most productive on-going collaborations has been making modern Celtic music with Irish flutist, Brian Dunning. They are well-known for their recordings Eirlandia, Songs from Albion Vols. 1-3, King Raven Vols. 1-3, Byzantium, Patrick, The Bard and The Warrior, Prayers of St. Brendan – The Journey Home, A Quiet Knowing, A Quiet Knowing Christmas, Stars In The Morning East, The Katurran Odyssey, The Enduring Story, Winterfold, Under The Wonder Sky, If I Do Not Remember… and Kohelet. Their music also was featured in the Martin Scorcese film Gangs of New York.

“Throughout my musical career I have enjoyed making recordings that are ‘concept based’ like Ravenna,” explains Johnson. “I enjoy the experience of carefully listening to an entire album in one sitting, and taking the journey that the artist created. I still believe that modern audiences would enjoy the full album experience if more of them gave it a chance.”

Jeff Johnson
Genre:New Age
Country:United States
Record LabelArk Records
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